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Air Travel In India .. Have a Safe Flight Travel after all is the last mile effort Hawai Fire or a Trip To Hawaii

This Blog is my effort  to do some research 
To Clear up due to 2 altogether unrelated news events
1 An Article in The Economic Times ( I have to read it daily)
on aviation 


Dr Vijay Mallya's Media Buzz 

Dr Vijay Mallya's interviews to various Television media channels
on th Kingfisher's Bailout or Future Plans
& his reasons of present problems. 

I am no aviation expert, nor am a know all, I'm just a logical person who observes the world & a commentator, who uses his common sense & his 30 years of experience of entrepreneurship & business , more necessarily , on 

A Customer Service
B Ethics
C Profitability
D Promoters Public Conduct
E C.S.R. ( Corporate Social Responsibility)
F Inclusive Business Model ( You have to do some loss making business for some of your clients who otherwise give you revenue)
G Overcharging & Cheating
H Unethical & Misleading advertisement

       I am well known in my circles, for my blunt & forthright views, calling a spade a spade, and a fearless communicator. I do it at my personal growth ( Simply financial Yaar , you ant make Nay Mint money by ethical means ) Well my needs are limited & I'm smart enough to make my living out of cheap goods, which give me power user benefit. I while rating a product , goods or services, keep my eye on the basic need an example here is Health. Please check this Photo album of mine on Facebook, how i research, record and share with public at large, by clearing a lot of ambiguous fallacies, which are spread by unethical and misleading advertisements and PR This is my latest photo album on Facebook dated Wednesday , November 19, 2011.

I am not commenting much , nor passing a judgment, those who are interested, to make an analysis, comparison on business model, or need to do an ABC Analysis on which Airline to travel between Uk/US & India and within India. The links are some of the most extensive works of some very well-meaning individuals, who have made efforts & taken pains to study, photograph & record, then logically present the story in very lucid way. Love you guys

Note of Importance
Some of the comments & counter arguments on the links are equally important 
" 17. suzie - March 29, 2010

seems like u have a kingfisher beer everyday…. for 16 years JET AIRWAYS has been loyal to the country and the people of this country are proud of it except a few handfull like u."

" Reply simarprit - March 30, 2010

Doesn’t look like a genuine comment. It has an element of Jet's PR agency at work. "


My one word statement is Words of Dr Ambastha , our induction trainer at Staff Training College Delhi , 21st June 1985 " Use *DEBTTRAPS* to rate the Business, while you make a lend or refuse decision, Debt to Equity Ratio, Business plan, Trade Knowledge, Technical Knowledge, Ratios, Assets , Promoters Character & Security " . I wont make any comment, you please judge Air-India , Jet Airways , Kingfisher & Indigo on these traits, you can get an easy answer, what the government / banks must do. As I being a career banker, my commenting is unethical and improper, hence, I refuse to draw myself into any controversy or legal actions. 

                                    I simply present the links and facts before you, the readers of my Blogpost , and you are the Judge,  jury and the decision maker. 

I would like to appreciate & express gratitude & thank , the excellent work done by 4 Individuals here.

1 SR103 on An excellent comparison between Kingfisher and Jet Airways to & fro from US ( PLEASE NOTE Joined    11 years 1 month 16 days ago (September 30, 2000) )


An excellent question and discussion on London-Delhi Options 

3 Ashish0207  for his EXCELLENT BUSINESS LIKE  slide show comparison between Kingfisher & Jet Airways  On Market analysis & Business Model . Is he a Kingfisher employee ? No Idea !

4 Simarprit Singh  Hmm :-) Simar, seems to be a jolly good fellow , with a great sense of humour which comes from definitely his great upbringing, he also happense to be the founder of 2 websites  & a firm MapXl which runs   and above all RELEVANT FOR ME the plae where i upload my photgraphs :p
Have to tweet this to his wife @harmeen who owns an e-greeting card site & @shilps31 

Simar's Weblog post Jet Airways vs Kingfisher Airlines – A Quick Review January 12, 2008 happens to be the most updated weblogpost on the web on Jet v/s Kingfisher

No the Rest of The Links

Financial s of Air India ( You have to see its management has to listen to the ministry of aviation and also its Ce O's are From The IAS above all it has to ply on a lot of UN-viable routes to keep the last mile air connectivity , mainly for political necessities ( WHICH CANNOT BE NEGATED, being the national carrier we must not forget it has to serve the public and " Aam Janta " and be inclusive in its attitude, as it is owned by the government and is financed by public money. ( Compare Air India to the similar contemporary debate Democrat v/s Republican Health Bill/ expenditure between Obama Administration ( Mainly Hilary Clinton view ) and Rick Perry v./s Bobby Jindal-Romney-Cain Debate & The Social Security Debate in The UK . 

Personal Article by Reuters Breaking News columnist Jeff Glekin " Gloats about India's Icarus Vijay Mallya miss the point "

Latest News Search on on Kingfisher 

Comparison on Air India v/s Kingfisher plus links to various aviation company comparisons This is (likely PR cant say for sure date is not real fact based comparison ) because the no of daily flight and destinations connected are not given for Air India ) For Kingfisher it is  375 daily flights to 71 destinations .

Let me Google it & give you that 
And Destinations Come on my 15 year old son Dhruv could tell you this you can do the counting please, too many for me to count Destinations of Indian Prior to Merger  thank you 

merged Air India code 098 " The new passenger service system will aid Air India’s turnaround as joining Star Alliance will make Air India part of a network that operates around 19,500 flights every day from as many as 1071 airports in 171 countries "

Air India On wikipedia May I say More ?

important to be objective DONT MISS THIS 

Anaggie a Martial Arts & Zen exponent &  Kung Fu exponent on Jet v/s Kingfisher 

Finally a detailed one stop shop for Indian firms ALL OF THEM WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION by " Domestic Airlines in India "

My personal view

A There is no comparison between Air India ( Domestic & International ) & Jet/Kingfisher The synergies / Ethos / Corporate objectives & management styles differ )

The Comparison must be done between

Air India International BA United Airlines Cathay Pacific Singapore Airlines & Lufthansa


Air India Domestic pawan hans Spice Jet Deccan Sahara Go Air

Kingfisher Jet Airways & Indigo must be compared

B The ATF rates are valid for all AI domestic Indigo & Jet

C Compare the management styles

The Goal of my this web-log post 

I have researched & collated from as many varied and independent sources including trusted websites like rediff/wikipedia/cleartrip & independent Bloggers on the subjetc matter of Debate.

    I have given you media persons the Masala ( Material / Ingredients )

                        I leave it for you to cook .. Let all the Media Chef's use these ingredients and I herbey set the National Debate on Aviation Policies to come in future .. Maviator Chef 

Let The Air Kitchen Begin 

              Please mind the windbags, Gas and Air Pockets .. Let ther be no Turbulence !!!

 Have a safe flight

Wednesday , 16th November 2011

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