Wednesday, November 27, 2013

VenuG Presents: If Tarun Tejpal is Ramalinga Raju, Tehelka is Satyam, Where are the Kiran Karniks, Deepak Parekhs Nandan Nilekanis And Tech Mahindras? Save Tehelka Doth Come

Hi Boys & Girls.
Sorry to butt in into a "Journalism School reunion"
A) No!!! I'm not a journalist!
B) I'm a PSU Banker by Profession.
C) I'm a Mentor by Passion.
D) I'm a fearless crusader for the "Aam Aadmi" using help, cutting across party lines.
E) By my ideology, I'm left of centre capitalist!! (I'm sure, you journalist, would NEVER get what it means) I am a trade union activist for 27 years, who rolled over, the first foray into Banking Automation, using computers, networks & delivery channels, which a Kolkata Commie despises, whom I find despicable!! I ask clerical trade unions, to fight first for regularisation of temps, before they ask for higher wages, tell my officers union, "Stop supporting outsourcing, will increase graft & crime"(Bangalore ATM??) oppose variable pay(will see bank branches like Nariman Point, Fort, being auctioned to highest bidder, like Byculla & Nala Sopara Thana) I for 18 years now, ALWAYS start the proceedings of my officers association open house, at its triennial conference with standard lines "Syndicate Bank Officers Association, PUHLEEZ note the order of words, Syndicate Bank stays, Officers stay, Officers stay, Association stays, job stays, salary stays, family stays, piece of mind stays. Respect your organisation, without which your reputation, family, your self esteem, your status in the society is ZERO!!! -like someone said TT is 100 SC is 00 without the prefix 1-

Beware, CEO & you are BOTH EMPLOYEES of the organisation, Organisation, is bigger than you or CEO. Safeguard its existence, by your ethical deeds. Once the organisation becomes -ve net worth , your goodwill becomes -ve!!!

F) Having achieved public works, worth Rs5000 crores in last 25 years, in Moradabad, Jaipur(also home town) Mumbai, Bikaner, Mathura, Agra, & now Kolkata(all places, where i lived for work) Trichur(native place) using, Congress, BJP, CPM, SP, BSP, Lok Dal, Forward Block & Shiv Sena. I like the Communism of Kerala(NOT BENGAL) BJPism of Rajasthan, MP & Maharashtra, not BI(MAR)U .
G) The events of present post Y2K GenX materialistic & ethic less society, we have seen mirth, in every pillar of democracy. Executive, Judiciary, Legislature & Media. The only Column, which is working efficiently, is "The Fifth Column"!!!

So dear Indians, shoot the messenger, not the message, Don't throw the Johnson Baby, with the Johnson Soapy water!!!

H) I have just liked one comment above, which compares "Tarun Tejpal" with "Ramalinga Raju" & "Tehelka" with "Satyam"
I) My question to Shefali Vaidya, Balakrishnan, Abhishek Kashyap & one more.... "The 100 odd journalists, can find jobs in other media houses EASILY" Really? Ha!!!
Ask me, a seasoned Mentor, I'm asking kids to quit infosys & tcs & join IOC, SAIL, IISc, IIT, IIM & PSU Banks, telling school kids to quit pcmb commerce & switch to humanities, stay vernacular, study English as core, Mandarin, Deutsch, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bangla(or some such) I doubt, if you work for the media!!! How many have been laid off by Outlook, Caravan, Times Quest etc etc lately? Ad revenue is at rock bottom, there is severe recession in the media career space, matching the aviation, hospitality, ITES & Realty!! No guys, those 100 kids need a Kiran Karnik, Deepak Parekh & Tech Mahindra!!!

Or Else, media watchers will say "Keda Sher, Keda Tehelka, Keda Saand, KD Singh?? Bheegi Billi ja chuha banaa ditta, ais Tejpal ney ungal karke!!!

Get real, in recession, Tehelka MUST STAY.

Is between ToI White, Living Media Saffron, The Hindu & ABP Red, HT, NDTV IBN Green & Tehelka Yellow, only when all the colours are absorbed & dispelled , do you get news in Black & White for the Aam Aadmi.

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