Monday, November 25, 2013

VenuG Presents: Media Positioning.. Politics v/s IPL v/s Media A Nostradamus POV :-)

The time is right
For United Breweries
To chuck Kingfisher,
And bring a new brand
Of Rum
Then he could have
A 4PM Calender
With 52 weeks
52 Models are readily available
From the field of
Politics, Media & Cricket!!!
A sudden spurt of thoughts
On a status on "Media Ownership & its misuse" by Peri Maheshwar
CEO Careers360
On how editorial slant has
Adjusted with a view to 
Lok Sabha 2014 Elections in India.
 Please Note:This is fiction, purely a spoof,
A hypothetical view of mine,
Figment of my imagination.
Keep Laughing.
Cricket Shicket Ticket
Rabba Rabba
Hai mere rabba
Mainoon Chuck lai.
Maa da laadla Big Ad gaya.
Munda Kanda
Munda Kanda
Munda Kanda
O Rabbaaaa Mainoon Chuck Laid!
Kolkata, 24th November, 2013

Peri, you're the insider(Sunny Gavasker), 

I'm just an observer Like Ravi Shastri(CSDS Prannoy Roy) 
From where I see it,
I can see... 
Chaubey(Dhoni) Mayawati4PM has replaced
 Rajdeep(Ganguly) who's now the 12th Man 
due to just in case Eden Garden
Test Hobey Nna- Kejriwal4PM) 

Kanwal(Virat Hundu Kohli) NaMo4PM .
 Barkha(Shukla ) has no option but to stick to whoever BCCI(PMO) or Dalmiya(7, Race Course Road) . 
Shekhar (Tendulkar retired) Rohit(Who?) Is new Mumbai Indian, scores century gives credit to Shekhar(T) 
& hobnobs with Nita Bhabhi,(UPA in pocket),
Rahul4PM & To Jaitley(BJP) & NaMo4PM . 
Shoma (Mamata) Replaces Tejpal(Sibal) Mamata4PM

That leaves OurNoob(Joker in the pack, 
he's the Lalit Modi) Makes a Lot of Noise, 
against UPA BJP MMS NaMo AAP Shazia . 
He doesn't listen to anyone, 
doesn't let anyone talk, 
Nothing comes out of OurNoobs banter. 
Nor does he want it! Because, if everything is reformed, there wont be any
"The Question we are asking Tonight"
 left for OurNoob to ask no? 
Then NewsHour becomes Fuse hour!! 

          The only phone calls he takes is from 
Across the borders, 
from Islamabad, 
From Dubai 
From New YAark. 
From London 
From old foggies, with dentures, golf caps, 
Punjabi Yankee drawl,but he gets them insulted by panelists. :-) 

Whatever happens, the bets are placed, matches are spot fixed, the final call is in the finger tips of speed dials from Klifton Karachi, Or Dubai, of Soho .

       All we have to do is book the tickets of IPL(Lok Sabha India 2014)
Like we book Onions & Daalers & Potatoes, 
& Salt. 

    Go for the match(elections), 
Watch it from our hotel rooms at Pataya(Thigh Land)
On Twitter, where,
We could rant, debate, diss, cuss, argue, troll,
make pun, spoof, satire, stand up act, #parkytweets
The winner is PRe decided(by opinion polls) 
Then argue post match result
Finally drink some scotch & wait for the next match.(election) 
Peri(Sunny) Isn't This l, what happens in Indian democracy & politics?
No one's bothered to reform it, no reform will happen, no ones gonna give a damn to the result. Who ever wins, we lose pur 1000 bucks. #JaiHind
We are sorry guys
We have to call of the political party tonight
Miltein Hain,
Ek 5 Sal ke Khit-Khat-Khat-Pat-Jhat-Pat-Chottu-Mottu-Pappu-Feku
Break ke Bad!!!
Tab Tak,
Karl Tak
Keep Laughing.
Hanste Raho....
Jaagte Raho...

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