Monday, November 18, 2013

VenuG Presents M.J.Akbar, Mamata Didi, Cameron and Calcutta A Win-Win situation.

I read this interesting piece of Op-Ed, in the Sunday 17th November, 2013, edition of The Sunday Times(timesofindia) by M.J.Akbar, erstwhile editor, The Sunday, one of the first few English language weekly magazines in India, from the stables of Ananda Bazaar Patrika stables, which used to come out from Kolkata, in the eighties & nineties, till Mr Akbar, decided to join Politica & contest in an Election. Mr Akbar, who has spent, a substantial time of his prime life, in Calcutta(much before, it became Kolkata) is an old hand at Calcutta, and is qualfied, to comment on the matters, relating to the city, because, he has lived in Calcutta, when it still was a cultural hub, and a production hub, of intellectuals of very high calibre. When, after reading it in the print, I tried to share the same, on Twitter, via
which I
frequently do, whenever, I find an interesting piece in the media, I found loads of comments, opposing & supporting Mr Akbar.

I felt in strong agreement with Mr Akbar's POV, and further to this, I found, many pravasi bangalis( Bengalis who migrated from Bengal,(after left took over) non Bangalis, who never lived in India, and some few Locals.

I felt the need to verbalize my strong views, on why Kolkata Rocks, & why, most of the prospective investors to Bengal are robbers more than investors or entrepreneurs!!!

Before iI come to the issue
Communicate my point of view
Let me tell you
Something about myself.
I'm a born extrovert,
Have lived in 17 cities in India,
And I acclimatize myself into every city, town or village,
Assimilate into its psyche and culture.
I came into Kolkata(I did not come to Calcutta)
At the time, June 2009, when social media,
Facebook & Twitter, were in its nascent stage.
I had an account on Gmail, Yahoo & Orkut,
I was an Orkutiya, when I entered Kolkata.
My very old & good buddy, Shifali Ummatt,
Send an invite to my this Facebook account.
Without boring you, here is my account,
Of how, I became VenuG, from K.Venugopal Menon.

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