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VenuG Presents :Bengal Global Investors Summit from an outsider now settled in Kolkata for good.

But what does public support to politics do?
Compare the three screenshots

So, it is in your interest, that you support the goveto you elect, to get what you want

    They say "God helps those, who help themselves"
Jai Hind
Look Like Warren Buffet, I'm a sane investor.
When I put my money, where my mouth is, I know if I put  ₹a1, I earn 100.
I never invest to get 15%.
And I've invested ₹ 40 lakhs.
My daughter, has invested her whole life, future, career & existence, to Kolkata.
Though she may fly to Mumbai, for a shoot, ramp walk, business trip, but she has made it amply clear, she would like to take the 1st flight to Kolkata ASAP.
She has forgone Delhi NIFT, though I , like many parents, pf her classmates , could easily get her transferred to NIFT Delhi(in top 10 world Fashion schools) to stay back, at NIFT Kolkata, not for the Fashion School, but for the safety & security for women, & the relatively cheaper expenses, labour, rents & HEAR THIS "THE BETTER QUALITY & QUANTITY OF FASHION FABRICATORS IN RELATION TO DELHI, JAIPUR(have land in export promotion zone) Bangalore & Coimbatore. I'm not talking about "Darzi" Stuff, but "Designer" Haute Couture!!! She proved to me, that every Wedding Trousseau Dealer in Jaipur, who supplied wedding garments to Aishwarya Rai, Princess Katherine, Madonna, Rihanna, Liz Hurley, sourced their goods from Kolkata! Surprised? That's plain truth.
I found out she was right, when I followed her, in 2009(3 years after she joined NIFT Kolkata) deep in debt. Well I've repayed most of it. Because my monthly expenses in Kolkata are a pittance over Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Of course Jaipur (Costliest city in India, for a middle class PSU Employee.
If as an investor, as a person setting up ITES/Web based /Cloud based enterprise, there is no town better than Kolkata. Land is cheap, so is residential property to buy/rent, great schools, Culture, Art, Entertainment. IMHO, for IT based &,entertainment based enterprises, there's no city in Asia, better than Kolkata (Asia NOT India!!!) As the human capital available is in abundance , they're more productive /per Rupee spend! A ₹15000 per month Kolkata kid, will give you 50-60% production than a ₹50000 Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai/Hyderabad.
DO NOT CALCULATE THE OUTPUT OF A BENGALI KID , to a Delhi/Bangalore/Chennai/Mohali/Hyderabad/Pune kid in those cities but in Kolkata, as, you pay him/her ₹15000 & NOT 50000!!! But be careful to tell them their working hours, after which, they party hard. They know how to live life
 Thrye WORK HARD & THEY PARTY HARD. Don't expect them to do 248366/72 hour weeks. They would do no more than 40 hour work weeks COME WHAT MAY. But in those 40 hours, no one could beat their productivity & the quality control
 If any of you, has engaged a Bengali carpenter (who works on % of cost of inputs normally 40% Normally, not daily wage rate) their output both in quantity, quality & speed, is unmatched by a North Indian Carpenter!! Same for Tent decorator, Plaster of Paris Artiste, Light decorator, carpet yarn manufacturer, zari/diamond/weaving labour
 Same for the engineer. The trouble with your thinking is, you want to make your labour for 12 hours. No civilised/developed country in the world does that? If you do make him/her indeed work a 12 hour day, trust me you, s/he's much smarter alec
 Your productivity in 12 hours shall be equivalent of his/her 7 hour work day(what you paid them for) If a medical pharmacy in Jaipur is operated by 1,employee , at ₹ 20000/- the same, would be done by 5 people in Kolkata at ₹5000(a saving of ₹5000) and their output (of the 5) is >> than the 1 Jaipur guy
 And they would lock the shop, at dot
You may employ shifts to keep your premises open for 12 hours. There's a Dhaba(I won't name them) I found it strange that, the cooks were eating , sitting at the table next to me, in their work uniform at 7PM)
I took up this with the owner. The reply shocked me!!
"Sir, aren't they human being? Their terms include food, which they are consuming. Can't they enjoy their meal?)
This is not a seedy joint, but a place, where millionaires visit, with the whole family. Nowhere on earth have I seen this!!!
After work, they want their Adda, Carrom, Football, Music, Art, Theatre & Creativity to the last T!!! If any untoward incident happens in any tourist destination in India or abroad, among the victims, you'd definitely find one Bengali
 And they travel with the whole family, Jamai, Bou, Cheley-Meye, Bouma, Pishi(Son in Law, Wife, Kids, Mother in Law, Aunt) much planning goes into it. Two annual holidays, one near (Puri/Darjeeling) One far(Andamans / Kerala / Rajasthan)
If you have read Feluda, Kakababu, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi, Tagore, seen Satyajit Ray, most of stories are travelogues. The story is interspersed with events at Egypt Pyramid, Golden Fort at Jaisalmer, Darjeeling etc
 So, if you want to employ  a Bengali (who you may consider as lazy, lethargic or procastinators, but I consider them, INDIVIDUALLY GREAT, BUT IN A TEAM, EGOS & INDIVIDUAL AMBITIONS COME AS AM IMPEDUMENT. The problem for me an outsider, who is a sucker for all beautiful things that Kolkata has given to me, that, I've performed & played 100 times music, which I had given up, in 1984 to pursue Banking, which I resumed in a beautiful City of Joy, At OpenMic SomeplceElse in October 2009.
Unless the citizens themselves have faith in their own city, how can outsiders? So keep the faith.
Read the following.
PS:Read the wish list at the bottom. I had posted this, to Derek O'Brien & Agnivo Niyogi & Arun Jaitley & Nitin Gadkari, on Instagram & Twitter. I'm happy to announce, the work on East West Metro Corridor has resumed . hahahahaha I'm taking the credits for THIS Am I loud & clear??
So dear Bangali & Ghoti get together. Be positive. Move on.
And the world is yours.
Good Night...
So move your ass.
Get going
Show the world
For , whatever good you do
There would always be an Arnab Goswami telling you that you suck!
By someone telling you, you're dark (you remain fair) lazy(keep doing what you do) moron(apply your brain) Dontcha stoop to the level of naysayers & trolls.
Anything that you do, there are criticizers. Remember, after eating alu bhaja, chire bhaja, bhst, dal, khasi mamgsho, chicken, malai chingri, maach, mishti & more, paan, supari, ice cream, cola milk & starters & soup, a long burp and a fart later
"Yaar machli mein mircha tej gira tha, dal mein namak adhik pada tha" :-)
Naysayers are like that

Kuch to log kahenge. Be +ve
Amar Sonar Bangla.
Read on.........

Please RT @quizderek tq
In other #news @arunjaitley @nitin_gadkari are guests @BengalSummit
Being Held at #Kolkata #Calcutta on 7-8th January, 2015
#Bengal Global Investors Summit 2015.
Check the website
They are 2 Central Ministers of Cabinet in #BJP Government
That too in important positions.
This is a good sign of Centre-State Co-operation.
Mr Jaitley holds the post of Cabinet Minister of Finance, Corporate Affairs & Information & Broadcasting, he is a great orator, he has issued a statement of intent speaking at the summit that I quote
" @ndtv: If each one of you invest in Bengal, I assure you that Centre will stand behind you: Arun Jaitley at investors' summit in Kolkata "

" @PTI_News: Jaitley says despite political differences, there are national causes to stand together, asks West Bengal to broaden manufacturing base for "
Ms Mamata Banerjee the current Chief Minister of the state & Mr Amit Mitra, the economist Finance Minister Shall play the host.
I welcome this. This is what #BrandBengal needs at this moment in order to prevent the exodus of brilliant #educated #youth to #Bengaluru #Chennai #Hyderabad & #Europe

Mr Gadkari is
Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways
and Shipping & Bengal needs better roads & is an important port for #imports

Look at the #GDP #GSDP #statistics these are not State Government Statistics but CSO Central Statistical Organisation #Data where Bengal which was  30% (4.72/6.7)lower than national average in FY 2011-12, now is 49%(6.72/4.5)  higher than the national average in 2012-13 & 83% (8.62/4.7) higher in 2013-14. (Not 56% higher)

I'm living in Kolkata since 2009 & have seen the following.
Improvement in:
1. Traffic Management.
2 Sewerage Management
3 Housing & Infrastructure.
4 Absolutely 0 Bhandhs(19 between June 2009-April 2011) ZERO SINCE MAY 2011!!!
5 Repair of old #Tram Lines
6 New Parks like Eco Parks, improvement in Dhakuria Lakes.
7. Reduction in late night crime after 11:30 Curfew
8 Crimes & Robberies by Airport Cab drivers stopped.
9 Cab driver goondagardi stopped. No refusal & @kptraffic facebook page helps. Immediate case against erring cab drivers as well as private vehicles no bribes.
10. Beautification of River front from all sides is the best part of achievement.
12. Tourism, Digha, Mandarmani, Kurseong, Murshidabad & Darjeeling.
13. Big events bigger than before. KIFF, IPL etc. Rabindra Sangeet & Pous Mela.
A) Bridges like Parama,
B) Sector V - Howrah Maidan East West Metro Corridor.
C) BBD Bag - Joka Metro
D) Repairs of National Highways by NHAI
E) Renovation of Howrah, Sealdah, Kolkata & Shalimar #Railway Stations.
F) Start unfinished IT parks immediately to give jobs to Bengal Youth

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