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VenuG Presents: Let people call you a WebJunkie. How to make positive use of Social Media for Public Good.


Or a Social Media Influencer?

To decide. Thank You. :)  

Depends on the way, you look at it. Because IMHO, I do make a difference in hundreds of lives day in & day out.

This was meant to go with my #VenuKiClass #instagram update but instagram would NOT let me post this as an #instablog
Parva illa!

Here it goes!

On 16th May, 2014, an ordinary tea selker 30 years ago, rose to become, The Prime Minister of India, simply with the positive use of Social Media!!!
I'm a Banker by professionprofession for 30 yearsyears(4-2-1985),  & a Mentor by passion, for 32 Years!!!(Since April 1983 when I mentored Sreedevi to clear CAT) Ever Since Sreedevi, I work passionately on Youth space. Both I & Shri Modi know well the demographics of India, 65% of Indians are under 35, and they are freely approachable on the web. They are ambitious, hungry for jobs, and this positive energy utilised well can go a long way, in nation building, and left to fend for themselves, uncontrolled, unguided & confused, can easily turn to Crime.
Either you can turn them into Malala Yousufzai or into ISIS Chief.
It is for us, mature leaders, to show them the right path.

  And what better way than either find your protégés on the web, friend them, guide them, then meet them offline, or meet them offline, then Friend them on Facebook.
Last week at IIT Kharagpur Springfest, I made 200 is such lifelong friends, protégés, Sons & Daughters, 40 of them either are my Facebook buddies or Twitter Followers. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😅😅😅😅☺☺😝😝
Before you read, my blog post, kindly go through The Telegraph Metro article LINK on Internet Addiction. I agree I'm online from 9AM to 12PM. But not neccesary watching my screen.
I do it when I'm free. But NO I'm NOT addicted, but purposefully online with a plan.
So here's my logic.
Every word here is true.

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Link Below. Full article.
 #instablog #useofinternet
Well, what must I say??
Do you think I must slow down
On #SocialMedia ?
A) I have constant #headaches (Thankfully cured today)
B) I'm aggresive at times.
C) No weight loss or gain.
D) Live with my ENTIRE family.
I spend lot of time on internet.
There are people close VERY CLOSE to me, who are irritated or disagree with me, on my excessive use of the #web
My Take. #MyView
1 I know what I'm doing.
2 I'm an extrovert.
3 Being on the internet helps me, to reach out to my thousands of protégés worldwide. Some of my protégés are those, whom I have NEVER EVER met EVEN ONCE!!!
4 I have saved more than 100 lives in this one year of those, who I was sure were looking at #Suicide as an escape route
My constant egging, motivating, explanations, coaxing cajoling, I have been able to convince every such person who I noticed, or who approached me for help. I hold a 100% success rate. I'm not a psychiatrist but a #Mentor & #Motivator
5 I search, identify & approach & practically stalk my protégés.
6 Every evening, when I log into #Facebook the 1st post on my #Timeline is ALWAYS someone troubled expressing angst.
Facebook #algorithm helps them & me. I swiftly message, sometimes call & pacify the a person & ALWAYS succeed.
Sometimes, the person asks me something and I out of blue, tell them, "Look, what you're trying to achieve, is out of your reach, it is a futile effort. Concentrate on YOUR LIFE, and you would get something better than what you're now pursuing" They're shocked , how did I find out without their even telling me a word? I'm a peoples person, without interaction, offline or online, I'm edgy.
7 With utter confidence can I boast, there would be people on #Facebook, #Twitter #YouTube & #Instagram with thousands or millions fans, followers, likes, RTs, shares, but The number of persons that I have MET IN PERSON, TALKED TO, CONVERSED WITH, KNOWN (ALL THESE ATTRIBUTES ARE IN ONE PERSON OK!!!) With whom I continue my relationships for 20-30 years, would be in existence in not more than 10000/7billion population on Planet Earth.
I mean what I'm saying
With me #WYSIWYG of WordStar works 100% all the time.
Now coming to why's of this.

Why Telegraph Why?
The #Social Order changeth with The #SocialMedia
The cosy clubs can no longer rule. Information is not controlled, it is freely available.

The earlier social order, dwelt on controlled #education #information #polity
To The Manor Born Ruled.
T'was impossible for a poor kid to break the glass ceiling.
Jasmine Revolution or #JusticeForWomen #Nirbhaya
Justice Verma Commission Was not possible!
 A guy like me, could never control whatever #CNN or #Telegraph did.
NOW #YesWeCan
1 Free 4G WiFi
2 BJP in Bengal
3 Left & Congress trying to encroach.
A #Newspaper or a #Corporate CANNOT do George Orwell's Thought Police. #JeSuisCharlie

No Race, Class, Country, Religion can enslave ANYONE
By cultural hegemony like McCauley did.
#PR is a #Fail in World of Social Media.
When #CharlieHebdo prints a #Cartoon on its cover, public pressure ensures that media blacks it out, treating it as inflammatory content NOT #FreedomOfExpression
The Hypocrisy of the west, is exposed with what they do to
Edward Snowden or Da Vinci Code.

World has really become truly #democratic You can't act like a pied piper & drown the mice following you, because, some smart one is using a mouse to #Educate & #Enlighten
Now #NYT & #WaPo can't hide the truth, that, 50% of the western & Arab scientific temper, #Knowledge & Renaissance is sourced from ancient #vedic knowledge.
You cannot question Drik Panchang is any worse than Hubble's Telescope. In gist,
"You can't fool one person all the time, you can't fool all persons one time, you can't fool all people all the time"!!!
#VenuQuotes #quotes
Is an improvement upon Abraham Lincoln's #quote !!!
Hence I use the social media, with a plan & well thought out strategy.
I tell Tanmay Bhat to move All India Bakchod from #Soundcloud to #YouTube
Because chinese phones can view YouTube #video NOT sound cloud #audio
I tell Nikki Minaj & Ariana Grande to be patient.
I ask #CNN to just shutup.
I tell Shri Narendra Modi to check our productivity data 1991-2015 before using the term "Lazy Banking"
I tell Didi & Jaitley & Gowda to give Kolkata Metro or vanish from my horizon.
I expel the misconception that #Calcutta SUCKS.
And I'm successful at that Ya!
If I stop using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube #Blogger or Instagram I won't be able to achieve 1% of what I achieve.

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