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As I had predicted in April 2012 to Tomi Ahonen in a tweet , Android will Rule and Windows 7 will Beat iOs on 2016 ! IDC agrees

As a reaction to a post by Horace Dediu

Started with THIS on Lumia

Then THIS on Android

Then THIS again on Android

Please do read the 1st link by Horace Dediu, who is a Manager at Nokia, and a mobile 

market analyst, and study THIS latest data from comscore. All the links except Mr Dediu's 

post are from bits blogs on New York Times, which tells me, Venu, you must read them 

blogs, to be abreast with technology trends. 

                     Though my analysis is based on my hunch always, I like a good physician, look 

at the symptomatic conditions, and undertake clinical tests on Data, only to confirm my 

hunches. 99 out of 100 , I am right !!!

   Please look at the IDC data, at the bottom of this post , which I go-ogled, only after I started 

reacting to Horace's absurd logic, to me he looked like either an Apple fan boi, or a jealous 

Nokian :-)

            And my analysis as always was PROVED RIGHT. If you search today on twitter 

" #Venuspeak " I have tweeted THUS
In December 2010 in an engagement with  I told him, will rule, because NIT's and IIT's have WinX PC's not Mac OsX  

Image of my twitter search " #Venuspeak "     

This was before I even read Horace, and was a reaction to Google Nexus 7 release and its 

being  a strong contender, to iPad , and the new Android version Jelly Bean, being shipped 

with Nexus Phones and Nexus 7 Tablets. 

    What people do not realise is The power of Free Google Market Place. And that, there 

aren't many Mac Os pc's in India for developers to develop Apps, hence NIT's and 

IIT's will churn out Android Apps 10x to iOs Apps.

             Without iTunes Apple is a dud. #Venuspeak


" Apple launches iTunes stores in Asia; skips India, China " 

            WHY THIS ?? We Indians and Chinese dont buy from iTunes at all, we have thousand other sources. !!!
Here goes my ex-tempo-re free flowing response to Horace's post :) 
This is by an Apple Fan boi :-) Check actual data after Samsung Galaxy S III release. After Steve Jobs iOs is as Dead as a Dodo. Basically a cartel of movie makers, record companies make Apple in its revenues. Once this Studio-Record Company-Apple Nexus is broken Apple is Dead.

           If you ask me I see Android as a major force in BRICS countries, especially India and Africa, where people do not have money to BURN !!!

               The sales in number of units is my analysis of success. sales in $'s and revenue is a 1% POV

                       Come on Horace, even a blind man can see, that Grey dominates over Blue in the charts, a slight dip is inconsequential. I feel in India with cheaper tabs on ICS aand samsung phones, No one is buying iPhones anymore. I just bought a $21 basic made in china cell phone, assembled and sold by Micromax  India. with basic features and dual sim. I also bought a . Micromax Funbook with Android ICS 4.0.3 AT $97 
    I even wrote a blog post about it 

And look what I did with Nokia E 63 for 3 years :-)

32 functions and it was neither Android RIM Winx or iOs but symbian

If you don't have an iPhone, YOU DON'T NEED A BLOODY iPhone, you just need BRAINS..

           And commons sense Dear Horace, is very uncommon. People basically follow the herd mentality, and get fleeced, cheated and taken for a royal Ride. :-)

      You know it, there is no point in being an Ostrich, with its head covered in sand,  and saying its too dark! Realise this, Emerging BRICS markets are where sales and revenue gonna be . The population of top 3 states in India is more Than US + Europe + Canada 

Check this table and look at the untapped market in India and Brazil in %age and compare it with US %age of internet users

Check this table and look at the untapped market in India and Brazil in %age and compare it with US %age of mobile phone users

Now total of Mobile users in China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa is 1020+953+255+224+41 = 2.493 billion compared to 328 million users in US

How is that ?

Read These Too

My hunch is Windows 7 will overtake iOs in 2016, I said this to @tomiahonen in April

IDC: Android will 'peak'; Will iOS hold on to second place?

Android Expected to Reach Its Peak This Year as Mobile Phone Shipments Slow, According to IDC

Android hits 900,000 activations per day - and Andy Rubin's staying put

Windows Phone to pass iOS by 2016, Android at 53%

Future of Technology as I see

Windows making its own Tablet (leaving Intel)

Google Making its own Phone with Motorola ( Leaving Samsung)

Google Making Nexus 7 Tablet ( Leaving Samsung Tab )

Microsoft may likely take over Nokia or Nokia will Part ways with Microsoft and rseume Symbian platform
which will be a hit in India I am sure about it, a the 1st phone handset in India for any user was a Nokia 1100 I am sure about it.

Samsung will go back to its BADA if Google continues with Google phone and Tab

RIM Blackberry altogether dying

Sony and LG also ran in others

Horace feel free to react 


Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilinnnnnnnnnnnnng


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