Saturday, August 18, 2012

How did The CAG Mr Vinod Rai arrive at the loss of Ra 1.68 lakh crores for Coalgate & Ra 1.77 lakh crores for 2G ? A Mystery

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Weekend Homework for Weakened Spirits
Weak Kneed Students
We Need Scientists
Wynad Arrack/Chaarayam (Kallu ) Drinkers
Gods Own Country Liquor
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CORRIGENDUM  : The figure indicated by CAG is Ra 1,86,000 crores & NOT Ra 1,68,000 crore as mentioned in my Facebook status 
Further the figures were revised from Ra 55,000 crores to Ra 10.7 lakh crores to Ra 1.86 lakh crores. 
Kaisa Tera Dhoka
Kaisa Tera Pyaar
Tera  e-portional Atyaachaar

Progress Congress Digress
Pros & Cons 
of the CAG Report
Kolkata, Saturday Th August, 2012
Did you know
Mr Vinod Rai The CAG has asked Government of India
for a New 20 Digit Calculator?
Do You Know Why?

Maths & Science Weekend Homework
For students of Class X
Dhruv Menon ( My son in class X) Aditya Das Sreejith Padmanabhan Abhijit Manu
( and his 3 close friends Abhijit is though in class 7 but brilliant enough :) )

Multiply using an
ORDINARY 13 DIGIT CASIO Calculator (not scientific)

Remember THAT, NOW, it is allowed by the CBSE
in THE Board exams now!!!

1,68,000 * 1,00,00,000.00 (should have been 1,86,000)
1,77,000 * 1,00,00,000.00

Post the result here

Homework for
For Seniors & Elders
How Can The Comptroller & Auditor General
Mr Vinod Rai Calculate the loss on a calculator ?

Homework For The Scientifically Oriented
Please try to visualize who ( READ HOW) the poor CAG,
would have made this figure
to 10.86 Crore
Using a simple 9 digit Calculators supplied to Auditors
at The AG.s office!!!
Good Night

Homework for Geeks and Inventors

Especially Statisticians from Kolkata with a surname Bose 
those with a 1st name Hic Sic or Sick
So that The result would be called Hic's Sic's or Sick's Boson
Prepare a mathematical / statistical model to calculate lakh crore 
without getting an Output "E" or "Error" on the extreme left hand bottom

Homework for My Fellow Bankers
Define " Non Performing Assets " ( NPA)

Statement of Commitment:
This blog post has  been written without consuming a drop of alcoholic beverages or IMFL
Toddy, Arrack or even Kesar Kasturi

I am a strong follower of Late Jawahar Lal Nehru, 1st Prime Minister of Independent India,
and since he asked us children to have a scientific temper
My Temper is perfectly "Scientific" as well as "Good"

Wishing You a happy weekend.

If at the end of reading this, you work the whole weekend to come to a logical conclusion, and as a result are too tired and stressed, and the last few lines remind you of Liquor,
Go ahead Drink to DE-stress
But Please engage a driver
Drink Drive Don't mix
You can mix your drinks with McDowell Soda
That would help United Breweries & Kingfisher Airlines

Good Night

National Loss or Notional Loss
It depends on which side of the fence you sit on

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