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Winning Against Odds : Story of a Boy From North East India, Who Dared to Dream & Won


             This is a story of H 30, From Manipur(North East) , Probationary Officer, working for a PSU BANK, working in North East, who got this job against all odds. 13 Yrs ago in 1999, H 17, passed out from School, in a tiny village in Manipur.

          Then as soon as he passed out from school, Violence & Strife Started.  But H had a Dream, He wanted a job, but he wanted a job that was in the Officer cadre, in any Government/Semi-Government Organisation. He was ready to go to any extent of hard work and labour, and travel as many miles for the job, as the organisation, which would later employ him sent him to. He that is H, was so passionate in his dream, That all this ruckus, hullabulloo and violent, disturbances did not shake him up at all. On the contrary, it made his resolve, hunger and dedication to his goals,
even more stronger..

                   H was a pragmatinc young boy, son of a very poor farmer, from Rural Manipur. So, you can imagine, what infrastructure means and facilities he had, for education and future career aspirations. Then started H's planning and strategy. He sat with his father, and told him, that he wanted to study further and finally get a managerial job..

                      He also told him that he was mature enugh to understand the financial means of his father, and
hence did not want himself to be a burden on the family anymore. He will prepare himself, by reading books, journals and magazines at home, which his father must arrange to be delivered at home, the payment for which, H would make, by doing odd jobs in their village as well as nearest mofussil town. H now started doing Odd jobs and saving money,which he did for the next for 7 years from 1999-2005, side by side buying and reading books, journals and newspapers
After March 2005, he left for Pune, where he enrolled for a simple BA degree in Political Science, from a private college. During this time he also worked as waiter and bell boy in various hotels in Pune. In 2008 he cleared his BA, And thus was the 1st graduate of his tribal village in Manipur. In 2009 November, he applied for the IPBS conducted, common joint recruitment test, for the post of Probationary Officer ( PO ) In Junior Management Grade Scale I for 19 PSU Banks. He was successful in the written exam, appeared for an interview, where too he was deemed fit for the job. He was selected and allotted to one of the 19 Banks, which was one of the better Banks, appointed and trained and further posted in a big branch luckily in The North East itself.

                       At this moment H has completed 23 months of service and in 1 months time, his job is likely
to be confirmed, in the month September, 2012. This poor boy, had everything against him, even luck and fortune gave him lot of disadvantages and handicaps, but still, he did'nt lose heart, went from strife to peace, worked 4 his
BA & fulfilled his Dream. To work in Managerial Cadre of a well known PSU with a reputation and status in the Society.

               H's batchmates? IIT B-Techs, MBA's from premier B-Schools, C.A.'s ICWA's, B.Sc Agriculture from Nellore / Jobner, Fashion Designers from NIFT (YES 5 OF THEM) AND 3 IIIT Grads + IIM's, I am confident, in 2025, that is 13 Years from Now this Dude H will shine and Join Top Management of the organisation.  I have hidden H's identity, I know him well, I mentor him, ( NOW NOT BEFORE AS AN UNDERSTUDY) but want to guard his identity
                    The total credit of success of H is his own, and the support of his teachers andparents.
No one among us has any role in his success. So when I see the exodus of Youth from The North East Pune & Bangalore to the strife ridden Assam and Manipur, it reminds me of H.

MORAL OF THE STORY The Youth from The North East, studying and working in Pune, Mysore, Bangalore and the rest of India
Must Follow What H Did. H is an inspiring figure for them. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Sare Jahan se achcha, Hindustan hamara.


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