Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Panjara Muttai for Anja Paisa Remember? 1960's For me in 1970's childhood Biscuit was J B Mangharam Sons Jam Tarts and toffee meant Morton Lactobonbon Fruitex, or later Parle Poppinsfrom Parry's. But today The India market has come a long way Now in Twenty-first Century it is Polo Minto Alpenliebe Center Fresh A Recipe that is PerfettiVan Melle

Center Fresh Zubaan pey Lagaye Lagaam!!!
So True.!!!
Who can forget this TVC?

Center Fresh Zabaan Pe Lagaam
There is nothing that I can do about Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Limited, to deride, make fun or criticize. Here is a firm, whic has 5 brands with each with a trunover of Ra 100 Crorers, it has a total annual turnover of Ra1500 crores and has 25% market share(in the non-chocholate candy market), and what do they sell? They sell toffees, candies, gums. Tcha Panjara Muttai I zay. Toffee, Candy toffees, Gums , Juice filled edible gums. Alpenliebe remember.

   Why is it that Perfetti Van Melle, has cracked the way into your mouths, that you keep doing Gai ki tarah jugaali and never stop from buying their products? Taste, Target and TVC that is the story of Perfetti Van Melle. It is a closely held company. 

At The moment I am just adding the link, I shall do a detailed job in 36 hours. But Alas, I tried if the Stock was liste. No!!! It is a privately and closely held company like Mars & Wrigleys

Perfetti is known more by its TVC's Television Commercials by Mcanna Erickson, it won a Lion at Cannes for Happydent white teeth as lamps TVC with Mcann Erickson & Ogilvy & Mather doing wonders for the 8 Brands that Perfetti Van Melle Have. Why does it affect me. Well, to be frank, I am a capitalist, I admire success, especially, when a firm does so, by being a silent performer. You never read The firm in news. Their is brouhaha, we are coming going Wango-Pongo theory. The silently slipped in, set up production units, builr a channel of distributors and shops, advertised and pushed the products into public memory via numerous TVC's. Perfetti Van Melle has the best humourous TVC's in India. If hoarding Ad is a domain of Amul, TVC is the domain of Perfetti Van Melle(hereinafter refferred to as PVM)

Links how, perfetti struck me like lightning?

Dunno how this came on my browser, why, how I simbly dunno. No Idea, maybe Abhishek Bachchan does, or ACP Pradyuman can ask Daya to investigate. Maybe I clicked somewhere erronously and this banner ad of Perfettic struck me. And it struck me hard and made a BIG IMPRESSION. I Said Wyaaow like Saifoo Nawab.

3 Google search on PVM on YouTube the search in itself has 4 brands Happydent, Big Babol, Mentos and Marbles!! Smart innit?

4 Google search for "Perfetti Van Melle Tursnover" News items start from 2006, where as the firm is in India since 1994!!! Understood. so ever since OPgilvy & Mather took it and Mcann Erickson, they started doing specialised marketing. They started very early with Alpenliebe, with Kajol as a brand Ambassador!

5 Google Finance on ownership

6 Vompany website http://www.perfettivanmelle.in/pvm_india.html it says market share of 30% and sales of apprrox Ra 3000 Crore!!!

7 S Kalyana Ramanathan in The Business Standard, which is a Reliance paper http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/perfetti-wants-bigger-biteindia/233464/ Ramanathan is a seasoned reporter, and this is 2006!!! !s media link I got on PVM!

8 On ET which is Jain owns Bennett Coleman publication article of 19th Jan 2011 How Perfetti Caommands price premium by brand building. This explains the marketing angle and TVC news, that I mentioned earliers http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2011-01-19/news/28432106_1_perfetti-van-melle-india-pvmi-sameer-suneja

9 Perfetti in a new plant fora "Whetever happens "STOP NOT" foray into snack too this is in HIndu Business Line by K Ravikumar and Vinay Kamath dated 1st June 2012. The LATEST NEWS.


GURGON CONTACT http://www.customercareinfo.in/perfetti-van-melle-india-gurgaon-address-phone-number-website-details-india.html

LINKED IN CONNECTION GRAB IT http://in.linkedin.com/pub/chironmoy-chatterjee/5/588/14a
SCTIBD DOC http://www.scribd.com/doc/53724507/72/Perfetti-van-Melle-India-Pvt-Ltd

DETAILED CONTACT http://www.fundoodata.com/companies-detail/Perfetti-Van-Melle-India-Pvt-Ltd/39686.html

See I said no? Kajol? Heroini is no 1 view and care to look at video no 4 an awesome jugalbandi
youtube channel videos sorted on views

Securityyyyyyyyyy :-)
Jee Myudum?
Mentos Zabaan Pe lagaye lagaam

Daadu ki Amaanat
Happydent TVC

Center Fresh Zubaan pey lagaam


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