Friday, September 19, 2014

VenuG Presents: AliBABA Black Ship,, have you any wool? Yes Sir Yes Sir, More than Amazon, eBay & Flipkart you fool.

Jack Ma, 50, CEO, Alibaba Group,
BABA, premieres today,
With the biggest IPO in Stock Markets History.
At $68, it is priced, much higher,
Than IPOs of Facebook & Twitter combined.
Sells more than, Amazon & eBay's combined online retail sales!!!

AliBABA's Black Ship
By VenuG.

AliBABA Black Ship,
Have you any wool?
Yes Sir,Ma'am,
 Three Ships Full,
More than Amazon,
More than eBay,
Deep discounted than Flipkart,
Better than Amway!!!

Work in progress,
To be continued...
Will be finished,
Before the opening bell,

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