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VenuG Presents: The Best Design Courses in the World, Graphic, Product, Animation, Video.

A survey, was conducted by Business Insider dot com, in 2012, which rated the 25 of the top design schools across the world, using the following methodology:
I Quote
" 633 respondents to the survey, 87.8% said they studied or participated in a college-level design program. Most of the respondents were either art directors (26.9%) or product designers (30.3%). The vast majority of respondents (76.6%) said skills and knowledge were the most
valuable asset their respective design programs offered. We ranked the schools by a simple metric: What percentage of respondents ranked the schools somewhat valuable, valuable, or extremely valuable?"

There's a debate going on at my home, between me & my wife , about whether we should send
our Son, Dhruv(17) to US(My view MIT Media Labs/Rhodes) or NID, Paldi, Ahmedabad, (which is a common meeting point between Dhruv, Me & also importantly, Dhruv's Mom(And my Wife) in that order, from Least to Most Important(Me, Dhruv & MOM!!!) to pursue, in his words, "ONLY & ONLY ANIMATION DESIGN" Not, Graphic, Not, Film, Not, Video JUST ANIMATION DESIGN!!!!" 

NID Ahmedabad, 4  Year course, in Graphics, Video & Animation Design,
A 4 Year Course at MIT Media Labs, Massachusetts
 I'm of the opinion, as the kid, is more interested, in Animation, AND ONLY ANIMATION,
He must pursue ONLY MIT Media Labs/Or Rhodes Island School of Design(RISD), AND NOT NID , Paldi, Ahmedabad.
Here's why.
I started by purely googling
" Top Design Institutes of the World"
 I get this wonderful, well researched & feedback from real alumni & graphic & animation or Media firms. It gives annual intake, rates them, gives focal area. Why it is good, and who are the famous alumnus.  Well, I don't give Alumnus, that much importance,
as I give to Faculty, Research & Teaching.

PS: This link, is of 2012, in 2014 edition, NID, Paldi, Ahmedabad,(at No 11) is among world's top 25!!! In fact, when, it is about product design,(industrial ) or graphic design(logo & static images) NID(IN MY OPINION) is among, the world's Top 10. Here is the list.

My view, design schools, can be categorized for the following

1. Graphic Image(Static Picture not digital, but its print quality)
2. Logo Design(Neither Graphic, Nor Digital, but just the Logo, & non verbal signage)
3. Video Design(not films OK!!!, Video, is used for Television, and it has close ups, Films have close ups, panned image)
4.Film Design(Do not join Design Schools for Films, join Film Schools, like FTII)
5. Product Design(Say Maruti OMNI, Ferrari, MacBook PC Monitor, Batmobile, iPod, Rs2 Coin, All Out Mosquito Liquid Repellent)
6. Textile Design(Join Fashion Institutes for the same say NIFT, Gandhinagar/Kolkata)
7. Animation Design Animation is 1

26 Best Design Schools in India Sorted on Rank

26 Best Design Schools in India Sorted on Total Intake(seats)
In Descending Order Higher to Lower

26 Best Design Schools in India Sorted on Year of Establishment
In Ascending Order Older to Newer

I will now categorize design schools as per area of speciality.
Design School Websites

Say Georgia Institute of Technology is known for Architechture, NIFT, Kolkata, for Knitwear & Leather, NIFT Delhi, for Fashion Design & Graphic Design, NIFT, Bangalore for accesory, NIFT, Gandhinagar for Jewellery & Textile Design, NIFT Mumbai, for Graphic & Fashion Communication,
NID Ahmedabad for Product, Animation & Graphic, Furniture Design, JJ School of Art & MS University, Vadodara, for Art.

If it is for an artiste, I would send him/her to London, Rhode Island, Or Pratt, if photographer, to NIFT Delhi, NID, Ahmedabad or Carnegie Mellon University School of Design, RISD or Pratt, For Logo Design, to Stanford 'D' School!!  


Rhode Island School of Design
Massachusettes Institute of Technology Media Lab MIT
University of Cincinnati (College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning)
Carnegie Mellon University School of Design
Parsons The New School for Design
Pratt Institute
Royal College of Art
D School: Institute of Design at Stanford University
Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute
Art Center College of Design
Rochester Institute of Technology College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
School of Visual Arts—New York City
Savannah College of Art and Design
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Cooper Union
New York University Tisch School of the Arts
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
California College of the Arts
University of California at Berkeley School of Information
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Art and Design
UCLA Design Media Arts
Institute of Design (Chicago)
Aaolto Universitry School Of Arts Design and Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

To be coninued........ Loading :)



AFDIndia is the pioneer in this field, recomended for Kochi & Delhi Centres.

For Kolkata
For South Kolkata OPUS Opus on Facebook 
For North Kolkata Prime



If you can shift in 9th Standard to Ahmedabad, or send your kid to Ahmedabad,
BRDS (BHANWAR RATHORE DESIGN STUDIO) is the best institute for NID entrance, mind you, in GDPD (UG Level) there are just 120 seats) i.e 15 seats in each of the 8 fields, Animation & Film, Graphic, Film & Video, Furniture, Ceramic & Glass, Product, Textile,
total aspirants are approximately 30000. So the ratio is 120:30000 or 1:250.
In IIT-JEE the ratio is 6000:300000 or 1:50!!! In other words, NID Entrance is tougher than IIT-JEE or Indian Civil Services examination. Plus, there are some pretty serious aspirants.
IMHO, every year, around 600 SERIOUS CONTENDERS, TAKE NID DAT(Design Aptitude test) & Studio Test, with 100% PREPARATION. So, as NIFT has 2100 seats{[(at 15 centres) including 330 in F.Tech or Fashion Technology(production)] } :30000 aspirants it at 1:14.74 is a much easier ball game.

For Kolkata
For South Kolkata OPUS Opus on Facebook 
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  1. Dear Venu,
    Great blog Indeed! You have done some deep research on this! That was one hell of an information regarding design schools around d world and your take on them. Nice to know that Dhruv is aspiring to be an expert in animation. I am also happy to know that his parents (Mrs. & Mr. Venugopal Menon) are supporting him in his dream.

    I am in agreement with your opinion of sending Dhruv to MIT Media Labs, or any other top animation centered college in the US of A. The technology / tools that are being used here to teach and that are used to make animation films/cartoons are much advanced than those in India. The kind of exposure a student would get in a top animation college in a country like USA will be any day better than the exposure he gets back in India.

    Having said that, the employment opportunities in the field of animation, back in India are plenty. VFX for many of the top Hollywood movies are made in INDIA! Even many of the cartoons/animation films are made in India. So even if Dhruv decides to do his course in NID or any other good college back in India, he should not have a problem in landing up a decent job.

    Venu, I would like to know whether "World's top 26 design institutes" ranking considers the faculty of those institutes? I think that would be a major factor to decide on any college, be it animation or on any other field.

    Personally, 10 years ago, even I had aspired to pursue my interest in the field of animation. But, due to family pressure, I had to take up Engineering! They were of the opinion that there is not much SCOPE in this field! This is totally untrue!!!!! The decision of not pursuing my studies/career in the field of animation and design, I repent tot his day!

    Wishing Dhruv good luck in his choice of the animation institute for his studies.

    Varun Rao P R
    Graduate Student - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    New Mexico, USA

  2. While doing the survey, Business Insider consulted only the practitioners, but not the faculty. But since, the practitioners had to rate the courses, as relevant, relatively relevant, and extremely relevant, their ratings, consider the faculty part of question, as, in the opinion of the 633 respondents, by taking these courses, the respondents, could use what they were taught, at these design schools, in the industry, and rise, to the position, that they are now, in their respective field of design.

    Coming to the part of MIT or NID, I will leave, the final decision, to Dhruv's comfort level, as, it is his life & his comfort, if I force my eccentric view on Dhruv, he won't relish or enjoy the course.

    As regards scope of VFX in India, I would like you to Google "The firm which made Life of Pi went bankrupt" Actually, animation & VFX is a high pressure, time consuming/demanding occupation, where, the idea & execution, moves back & forth, between the producer, director & animator, many times over, what happens in Vietnam, India, Ireland or Canada(Toronto) is job work, which is extremely low paid & laborious, the animator, does not get any intellectual property rights, patents or copyrights or royalty.In fact, one of my nieces,was involved in creating the tiger in Life of Pi at Mumbai, the firm folded up after life of pi & she now is at another job.

    Dhruv, wants to do Animation, to design, & produce his own computer/mobile games, he at 17 has already refused offers, to make Indian storyboard games for international firms. His logic is, you will pay me, to make it, then earn on my hard work, I'd learn more, by learning more, & making it myself, FOR MYSELF.

    As regards, your not pursuing your own passion, is the same as my passion in music, or my sister, having to drop the idea of being a part of first Indian women's cricket team in 1975, for economic cumpulsions, you can very well pursue it, as a passion(not career, as I do now. Anyway, you're in the field of energy & hydrocarbons, energy needs won't ever dry up, so, you'd never go hungry, your career in L&T was as good, so is your present colleges. I remember what my Late Dad used to say. "If you don't get what you like, LIKE WHAT YOU GET" Happier self, makes one healthy & wealthy, you can make animated comic strip blog, even as n NMIMT alumni on a bblog. See what @Manjultoons is doing, or @chuckgopal you can do the same using Adobe & Design Studio . Your own come c strip say in Kannada? :-) Go just do it. Don't wait. It will help you destress when stressed up during your studies.
    And hey Varun, thanks for a great comment.
    Now if you find any of the listed design schools close to you, give me a personal feedback. Your being in US, might prove a boon for me. :)
    Loved your comment. Yeaaaah :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Venu. I will seriously start thinking of Animation as a hobby now! Cheers!

  3. I quoted the research survey methodology in the first paragraph Varun.

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