Sunday, October 5, 2014

VenuG Presents: Success is a tough process. When you Succeed, you Suck & You Cede. Rome was not built in a day.

You love Gold & Jewellery Don't you?
Do you know how it is made?
A) It is mined by poor miners, when it is deeply buried under gravel.
B) It is heated up 
C) Melted.
D) Moulded
E) Beaten, twisted, buffed, pierced, re-moulded.
F) It is painted minakari.
G) It is baked in furnance again.
F) Stones are set.
i) these stones are mined.
ii) cut.
iii) buffed.
iv) polished
v) chiselled
vi) polished again.
Then you get that beautiful gold ring, with its rock, Minakari Bangle, ear rings, pendant.
Everyone looks at Hrithik Roshan's Dance Steps, 
Salman Khan's Six Pack Abs,
Irrfan Khan's dialogue delivery,
Aishwarya Rai's Miss World Crown,
Amitabh Bachchan in Pa,
Mary Kom's Gold Medal.
Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur,
Not the hard work, grit & struggle,
They went through.
"Road to success is, grit, perseverance, passion, determination, training, learning, failing, persistence, after achieving success, you're  lonely at the top, success is difficult to maintain. " #VenuQuote
Ferrari Lomarghini & Toyota's.
A Car too has manganese, bauxite pass through
Hot Blast Furnace,
Melt Molten, Die cast, moulded, nuts , bolts & screws, pass through Lathe Machine 
Dashboard PVC Plastic from Crude oil to PVC.
You have to pass through hot furnace,
Get hammerred, chiselled, screwed up,
Bolted tightly, you sometimes go nuts.
If you pass through these phases,
You're admired.
Remember this too,
If you reach the pinnacle of glory,
There is no one else at the top.
The climb is easier,
Downhill trip is sometimes deadly.
Be aware, the trip to Top, is full of risk,
There are slips, falls, avalanches.
If you're equipped, trained, dedicated & passionate, you are bound to reach the summit.
But then, not all people prefer the peaks,
Some are happy to be at the Base Camp,
Some like me, prefer, to be at the bottom of the peak, at the Mountaineering institutes.
Who silently climb the peak in the dark,
Without much fanfare,
Then climb down as silently,
As they went up,
But note down all the pitfalls, and tweaks,
For others to learn!
I know, the guys at Base Camp,
Would constantly need my guidance,
I know, no one reaches the summit bypassing me.
Some would not even acknowledge my deeds. In public, but privately they never forget.
But then there are some, who do,
They may be 5% of the universe.
But then, you don't need more than 5% people you know to survive in this big bad world.
Trust me, keep doing these good deeds.
It comes back to you,
In many ways.
When it does,
That's your Moksha.
Om Shanti
Just Chill.
Forget what people say about you.
Actually was looking for 
"feeling enlightened"
" feeling blissful" is post enlightenment
Will do.

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