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VenuG Presents: Dengue Fever in Kolkata, an open letter to my Daughter. Why, What, Where, How, When

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Anopheles, Aedit.
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A) Keep Surroundings Clean.
B) Do NOT let water collect around your home. 
C) Remove any garbage collected around your #home
D) Do not leave humus, pestilence, waterbodies, garbage that lets #mosquitoes lay eggs.
E) Get your home fumjgated.
F) Use Mosquito Repellent Liquid Vapouriser (Insecticide) 247365 in switched on condition.

Thanks Dad #Achchan for #education you gave me.
Buy 2 Get One Free.
#Mortein #PowerGard Liquid Vapouriser On #247365
Google Map Municipal Hospitals in Kolkata
Telephone 033 2302 2803

Websites of Private Hospitals Near Ballygunge
AMRI Multi speciality
Wockhardt urology kidney
Fortis urology kidney heart
Woodland multi speciality(since 1947)
CMRI(Heart + multi speciality)
BM Birla (Heart) 
I won't go to any of the above ever OK!!!
My wife & kids may. I have seen people talk shit to me
Shilpa Srivastava of Twitsnaps (Mapxl) was diagnosed of throat cancer at CMRI
People told bullshit to me
A) I went there &,announced no one came up to me
I posted a status (as per my conversation with the Doctor "Her survival chances are very bleak)
B) hell breaks loose. A guy tells me "but I was at the hospital " as if I'm a liar!!
C) I tell them fly her to Mumbai No one heeds my advise.
D) She dies. A guy wants to file an FIR. Needs "Contacts in Kolkata" Can you help?
I say go to the police station & file FIR why do you want contacts if they refuse send it by registered post AD .
Reaction "Can you help? No? Then Shutup!" I block him.
Idiots money / contacts can't buy treatment / knowledge/Love  it can buy sex.
There are no substitutes to
Private Sector has just one motive profit. You're a potful of money for them. Not patient. They won't give you your Mom / Dad which they call "dead body" till you pay up.

Google Maps
AMRI link 
BM Birla 

You may consult AMRI, Apollo, Fortis later(if you're snobbish & snooty, Dengue has specific symptoms similar to other viral diseases a Government Doctor consults 100+ plus patients a day, while some private doctors don't see 100 a month. )
Lal Path Labs just get a blood test (can be taken after meals/eating) can consult the Doctor later. 
Link Gajanan Lal's Path Lab 
Telephone 033 2455 3446
Even Dengue Fever is favourable to developed Northern Hemisphere

#Dengue (pronounced denGEE) fever #NorthSouth divide
Even deadly diseases have a #Geography

3 Cases already in my quarters{And Divya has fever & hell she won't take a blood test(sent back Lal Path Lab guy who came home) without consulting a Doctor}, won't go to a Gormint Hospital And she does'nt know 2 Delhi Private hospitals turned away dengue cases causing fatalities. When your kids act stubborn)
#ProTip Municipal Hospitals are better equipped against Dengue than private ones(antidote & symptomatic diagnosis(to be confirmed by a #bloodtest . In private even non-dengue cases treated as dengue.
#Symptoms sudden high fever , severe headache/joint pain, bleeding, rashes(after 5-6) bleeding.
#Diagnosis only confirmed by blood tests (as many viral fevers have similar symptoms.

Dengue (pronounced DENgee) fever is a painful,
debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by
any one of four closely related dengue viruses.
These viruses are related to the viruses that
cause West Nile infection and yellow fever .
An estimated 390 dengue infections occur
worldwide each year, with about 96 million
resulting in illness. Most cases occur in tropical
areas of the world, with the greatest risk
occurring in:
The Indian subcontinent
Southeast Asia
Southern China
The Pacific Islands
The Caribbean (except Cuba and the
Cayman Islands)
Central and South America (except Chile,
Paraguay, and Argentina)

Most people in the UK who catch dengue fever
have travelled to South-East Asia and India. In
2012, 343 people were diagnosed with dengue
fever in the UK. All were people who had
recently returned from travelling abroad.
Most cases in the United States occur in people
who contracted the infection while traveling
abroad. But the risk is increasing for people
living along the Texas-Mexico border and in
other parts of the southern United States.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever
Sudden, high fever.
Severe headaches.
Pain behind the eyes.
Severe joint and muscle pain.
Skin rash, which appears two to five
days after the onset of fever.

Your GP will ask about your symptoms and
examine you. Tell them if you’ve recently
travelled abroad and whether you’ve been
exposed to mosquitoes. It can be difficult for
your GP to diagnose dengue fever because the
symptoms are similar to many other bacterial
and viral infections.
If your GP suspects you have dengue fever, he
or she may ask you to have a blood test. This is
to see whether you have signs of the virus in
your blood and/or certain antibodies for dengue
fever. These can confirm whether you have the
infection. Your #blood will be sent to a #laboratory
for #testing.
#Treatment #DoNOTTake
#Ibuprofen or #Aspirin
Take #Paracetamol

There isn't a specific treatment for dengue
fever. However, but your body will usually fight
off the virus within three to four days of the
rash appearing.
There are things you can do to help your
Rest and drink enough fluids. Your GP may
suggest that you take oral rehydration salts
to help prevent you becoming dehydrated.
Take paracetamol to help relieve your pain
and reduce your fever. Don’t take aspirin or
ibuprofen as this can worsen any bleeding
you may have. Always read the patient
information leaflet that comes with your
medicine and if you have any questions, ask
your pharmacist for advice.
Hospital treatment
If you're severely dehydrated, have severe
symptoms of dengue haemorrhagic fever or
your symptoms suddenly become worse, you’ll
need to be admitted to hospital. You may need
to have fluids through a drip in your arm. Most
people make a full recovery if they receive the
right treatment.

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