Saturday, September 12, 2015

VenuG Presents: #VenuKiClass on what to do during Financial Crisis

This afternoon an IIT'ian Sourabh Chokra shared this link

"During #FinancialCrisis, Just Wait"  That's Bullshit!! BS #VenuKiClass
1 ReLearn
2 Review
3 Rebuild
4 Recoup
5 Recover
6 Revamp
7 Reach out
8 Learn new skills & soft skills
9 Go for newer field knowledge
10 Upgrade your #education
11 Network
12 Follow Your Passions
13 Renew your Alma Mater connections.
14 Do things outside your comfort zone
15 Since you have nothing to lose take calculated #risks.
16 rebuild capacities
17 encash in boom.
I didn't wait!!! I did the best other thing I could do. I did mindblowing music. I organised Gigs. Met the most interesting  people. I followed my passion. I met people I had lost track of. I travelled . I cooked some of the best dishes at home at shoestring budget.
I bought an LG X800 basic phone with internet. Joined Facebook.
Became Most influential Indian no 200 in India when Amitabh Bachchan =1!!
Met some of the best networkers in India
Joined twestival met more interesting people
Joined Twitter
Bought a Nokia E63
Joined YouTube
Organised a couple of gigs
Was asked by @blogadda to cover MTV Roadies 9 audition.
Have 19 videos with 5000+ views. With a Nokia E63
Bought MTV Bolt phablet
Told All India Bakchod to shift from Soundcloud to YouTube
Wrote a couple of blogs which got Flipkart a $1billion investments.
Snapdeal $600 million.
Made a Facebook page #JusticeForWomen has 3000 members.
Bought a Micromax Unite A106 mobile
Joined Dubsmash & Instagram ran a hashtag #vReco which helped people with 2000 followers to reach 30000
On my recommendation Dubsmash India shared Shenil Patel's dubsmash helping her reach 35k.
(PS I have 250 followers)
My hashtag #VenuKiClass is one of the most popular hash tags in the world (in top 1000 on Instagram.)
I started all this when I did not have Rs16 for bus fare. Don't ask me how much I have now.
There have been mind blowing events after this
So I won't sit & wait.
I will do new things.
Join new technologies.
Make new friends.
Follow my passions
Meet new people
Pass on my skills to young ones
Dish out things for free & make people successful.
The wealth I get out of this is satisfaction & respect.
If your people turn their back in bad times, that's the fault of yours in good times. You backed the wrong horse with wrong traits. My people never gave up on me.
They liked Billy Joel's lyrics
I took the good times
I'd take the bad times
I love you just the way you are ....
All the above to inspire not boast.
I'm not contesting an election or partaking in a popularity poll. Seriously all the above is true.

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