Sunday, September 13, 2015

VenuG Presents: Egocentric Food Critics & Michelin Stars are replaced by Social Media & Smartphone Smart Alec

Do we need food critics at all?
Oh! yeah we do!
That's how we first hear about them,
But AFAIK these days those with spending power have other ways to find restaurants
Hence we can stop treating Michelin Star giving Food Critics & Guide Books
A Lower than "Demi God" status.
Those who can go have wherewithal to find good places
As Mr Vir Sanghvi says, "In other words , over 90% or more of the people who read a restaurant review, will never ever visit the restaurant they're reading about. In case of Brunch readers much less than 1% of our readers will go. It's not like movie reviews where millions go to see each movie " (even in which case 5* movies fail & 2* ones succeed check the latest "Welcome Back" as an example trashed by every reviewer but loved by the movie goer as paisa vasool phillum. ) 

Hope Mr Vir Sanghvi writes "How to find a place to eat from social media "

Oyo Rooms AirBNB are a threat
Unless you change the world will replace you with a click of thumb & middle finger

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 Absolutely agree with his
The Critical Theory #RudeFood dated 13th September 2015(link not found)
Finally link found
Check my #PinchToPocket series
This week I've been
A) Denied Valet parking as "No one comes on motorbikes"
I may as well come on unicycle.
B) Shifted from a vantage point Table in front at a music invite i was requested to attend because "my (partner's) family was to sit there"
C)  Refused a groupon offer paid for "as it was not printed"
D) Whereas, I ate & praised food
I) Where security & manager dissuaded me to enter, as the AC was not working.
II) Where I was asked to not enter lounge as hookah smoke would offend me    , I went, ate reviewed.
E) Was invited to a high tea book launch & pay registration fee at a restaurant, which is good, great ambience & even better food.(I refused to go, please do not call if I need to pay, I'm paying for the food ya?"
My take, in recession & ongoing competitive world of hospitality, when every day small brands like Wow Momo succeed due to great service, product  & Chai Break for friendly hospitality, management needs to strengthen #HR & Training to enable staff to handle #customers & #guests with kid gloves
Zomato, Instagram #reviews work more than #michelin stars these days. Social Media #nfluencers Google Maps ratings do help.
But #smartphone yielding Smart Alec has one upped the critic 
Now there are Times Food Guide, HT Food Guide, Highway on my plate,  Will travel for food, books like Saransh Goila's India on my platter, but I frequently use Instagram hashtag #FoodPorn + , to select places to eat, read #Munnar or #Kumarakom to decide where to travel to. " #Hummus #Kolkata " "Tortilla #Kolkata " to decide. 

Zomato & Google Places ratings
Foursquare reviews
Blogs, Book my show user reviews
I watch movies with no2 rating on bookmyshow to have better entertainment at a lesser price. On Zomato I never visit places with ratings higher than 4.5 as I know that would get me snooty captains & maiter de hote at a higher cost.
If captains of the industry need exclusive club & stay empty, good luck to them, I'd rather go to "Boudi's Kitchen" for bhapa Ilish than pay higher at Oh! Calcutta !!!
Because I'm paying, there are no free lunches neither to me, nor to the hotel, my footfall comes at a cost, I pay cash, you pay respect to me
Or you can

Beep Beep Beep :-)

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